To become an exemplary institution for engineering education and technology to create high quality professionals having technical competency, leadership qualities, ethical behavior, innovative abilities with the support of best academic environment and creative faculty.


  1. To produce competitive, high caliber Engineering professionals
  2. To enounce the commitment of faculty and students to the centrality of diversity social justice and democratic citizenship.
  3. To initiate and participate in community activities that will serve as avenue for applying knowledge in engineering for the benefit of the community.
  4. To provide technical solution through relevant research and consultancy.

  1. To provide a creative and the best possible education facilities for studies, training research, development and innovations, extension of work relevance amongst the students and faculty.
  2. To trainee the students and prepare them in terms of effective communication require for career in engineering and technology which enables them to function ethically and
  3. To establish linkages and mutual assistance endeavors with Government, industry of other institutions in the areas of engineering education, research and extension services.
  4. To create a model mentorship to provide a mentored educational experience to students of all cross section of the society.
  5. To provide opportunities to faculty to update their qualifications, knowledge and skills through higher education, seminars and conferences which enable them to disseminate, to enhance knowledge to student community.
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